Bandai Namco Reveals That They Did NOT Cancel the ‘Klonoa’ Anime

Bandai Namco Entertainment has caught flak for the cancelation of Hitoshi Ariga’s Klonoa anime film. Since Bandai Namco owns the rights to Klonoa, many fans bombarded them with negative reactions on social media.

Producer Katsuhiro Harada took to Twitter to shed some light on the situation. First of all, Bandai Namco wasn’t involved with film’s cancellation — in fact, the company with hands-off.

The truth is that an external company made the decision. While the American-based Henshin studio was attached, Harada refused to name the company involved. They contacted Bandai Namco in 2016 seeking to produce a Klonoa animated film. After getting approval, they contacted Ariga about writing and co-producing it.

Harada said that Bandai Namco was surprised by how fast the external company announced the film, which got Klonoa fans eager at the series’ revival. Instead, the project’s cancelation a few days ago shocked the fanbase.

Concept art for the film was first shown in 2017, but the project fell silent until its sudden cancelation.

According to Harada, Bandai Namco waiting two years before hearing about the film’s cancelation and that were not provided with a reason. Ariga apologized to fans and said that he hoped for a new Klonoa adventure, but it wasn’t meant to be.

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