‘Attack on Titan’ Manga is Entering Its Final Arc

The Attack on Titan manga is marching towards its conclusion as Hajime Isayama begins writing the final arc.

TBS launched a teaser video for the newest Jounetsu Tairiku weekly program, which will talk about Attack on Titan. Isayama will make an appearance, which will include news about the manga’s final arc.

Isayama and his editor Shintarou Kawakubo have publically laid-out the manga’s roadmap in the past. In 2014, they both stated that Attack on Titan would end in three to four years, making the beginning of the final arc in line with their predictions.

Isayama hasn’t hinted to what his post-Attack on Titan career will look like. His output since 2006 has all been related to the hit series, but he did write a one-shot titled The Killing Pawn in 2014.

Attack on Titan

Wit Studio has been adapting Attack on Titan into an anime, with the second part of season three set to debut in April 2019.

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