‘Astra Lost in Space’ Survival Manga is Getting an Anime

Here’s an announcement from left field: Astra Lost in Space (Kanata no Astra) is getting an anime!

Astra Lost in Space follows eight high school students who embark on a Planet Camp, only to be whisked away 5,012 light years from home. The group finds an abandoned ship and they learn that they can travel between a string of planets in order to find their way home. Naturally, their dangerous trek leads them to a larger conspiracy.

Kenta Shinohara, who is known for creating Sket Dance, launched the manga in 2016. Astra Lost in Space only lasted 49 chapters, but it has dedicated cult following and has won late praise this year. In fact, it was the #3 manga in the 2019 edition of Kono Manga ga Sugoi! and was nominated for the 12th Manga Taisho awards — not bad for a manga that ended in 2017!

Astra Lost in Space

Studio Lerche is producing the anime, which will air later this year.

SOURCEAnimated Times
Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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