Artist has ‘Azur Lane’ Art Removed for Refusing to Reject Feminism

Korean artist Nardack (Isekai Cheat Magic) unintentionally became the center of controversy following the Korean release of the game Azur Lane. She wrote a pair of blog posts detailing the situation around the removal of her artwork.

X.D. Global, the Korean publisher of Azur Lane, commissioned Nardack for an illustration, which appeared on the game’s login screen on April 27th (illustration seen above). After the debut, a group of Korean Azur Lane players protested Nardack’s art because she “sympathizes with an anti-social organization,” which led to its removal.

The anti-social organization in question turns out to be feminism. Nardack “liked” a feminist post on Twitter, which offended some people in Azur Lane‘s player base.

Azur Lane

Nardack said that X.D. Global asked if she was connected to an “anti-social group” with no mention of feminism, which she denied. However, Nardack was taken aback when the staff asked her to publically Tweet, “I have no relation to anti-social groups and I do not support feminism.” She refused X.D. Global’s request and they immediately removed her illustration from the game.

Nardack has said the accusers took her art’s removal as approval to harass and defame her online.

Azur Lane

Nardack has publically criticized X.D. Global and Azur Lane‘s player base for associating feminism with an anti-social movement. She clarified, “I do not sympathize with any kind of anti-social group or idea, and I strongly oppose forced and baseless thought censorship toward creators.”

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