An Eroge Fan Shares the Life & Death of Their Itasha Car

Every anime fan has their own unique way to show their love for a favorite character. Some fans drag around a dakimakura, others get tattoos of their waifu, and then there are the shitposters.

James Franco

But other fans take it a step further and customize their cars with anime decals, which are called itasha. Twitter user Kuronosu took fans on a wild emotional ride with their story.

On February 24, Kuronosu let the world know that his itasha project was finally complete and shared photos of his Suzuki Swift adorned with images of Nanami Arihara and Hazuki Nijoin. Both characters are from the eroge Riddle Joker, which makes Kuronosu’s itasha pretty hardcore.

The employees of Art Bomb, the shop that made Kuronosu’s itasha dreams come true, shared their hard work on their Twitter account.


Kuronosu went for a Sunday drive the following day and went to Mikawawan Skyline, which is Aichi Prefecture’s most popular destination for car enthusiasts.


Things get a little awkward on February 25th after Kuronosu pulled up next to a cop. According to Kuronosu, they had a quick conversation that was punctuated with the cop saying, “If you’re going to that far, you might as well add a character with his dick showing. I think you might be able to get around public indecency laws as long as it’s illustrated.”

Bold suggestion from an officer of the law!


The following night, Kuronosu went in for newer lighter-weight, higher-grip tires in preparation for a day at the race track. Kuronosu was determined to embarrassed fools with the power of his eroge-fueled Switch.


This is where Kuronosu’s tale takes a tragic turn. Their car pimping out his waifus, new tires were installed, Kuronosu was primed to tear up a closed track, and they even got advice on how to circumvent the public indecency laws from a cop. They were living the dream and life was good…almost too good.

While at the closed track, Kuronosu hit a corner too fast and lost traction. The end result was his car getting totaled.


Luckily, Kuronosu escaped without any major injuries; he reported to have whiplash and minor cuts on his face. Still, his beloved Riddle Joker itasha died four days after Art Bomb’s killer job. Sadly, Kuronosu told his Twitter fans that the car would cost more than it’s worth to repair. Basically, his waifus are turning into scrap.

You know what they say though, the brightest stars shine half as long.

VIAHachima Kiko
Aaron Magulick
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