A New ‘Steins;Gate’ Project Has Been Announced

More news will be revealed on July 28!

Kadokawa announced that they are planning “Steins;Gate World Line Project,” which will launch between 2018 to 2019.


Kadokawa is teasing that the project will be related to Steins;Gate 0 in some form, stating that “the gate to ‘Zero’ will be opened.” Keep in mind that Kadokawa did not say if the project will be an anime, visual novel, a different medium, or a multi-media project. More information will be shared on July 28, which is the same day that Okabe moves to the ‘Alpha Line’ in Steins;Gate.

Kadokawa and 5pb. Games have been planning a Steins;Gate 0 anime adaptation since 2015. The visual novel is a sequel to Steins;Gate, and a rebroadcast of the first anime series included new footage to make it fit in line with Steins;Gate 0.


Are you going to follow Steins;Gate World Line Project?

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