8 Anime Series that the Original Creator Really Hate

The original creators don't want you watching these anime!

It seems like a majority mangaka and writers enjoy how anime adaptations of their works turn out, or at least you rarely hear otherwise. But not with these creators! Here are rare examples of mangaka, writers, and directors speaking out against the series they either worked on or approved to be adapted.

Some of you may love these anime, and that is fine. This is just showing how the original creators feel about how the anime turned out.


1Fruits Basket

It has been said that mangaka Natsuki Takaya will not let any studio (especially Studio Deen) near Fruits Basket.

The anime adaptation was produced while Takaya injured her wrist, so she was heavily involved in the adaptation. But, she would clash with director Akitaro Daichi over every little detail. Studio Deen decided to reject Takaya’s feedback, and in turn, she has blocked all attempts at a second season or a remake.


2Kuma Miko

Kuma Miko creator Masume Yoshimoto wrote a Tumblr blog calling the final episode “f**ked up” and expressed regret for not checking the anime’s scripts. He quickly deleted the post, and back tracked his original comments, expressing thanks to the staff for their hard work and accepting responsibility for making anyone uncomfortable.


3Kare Kano

Despite how many fans the series has, Kare Kano was a mess behind the scenes and the adaptation has been disowned by mangaka Masami Tsuda.

Kare Kano was Tsuda’s first lengthy manga, and it was chosen as Gainax‘s follow up to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hideaki Anno wanted to steer away from the darker elements of the manga, and inserted comedic scenes while focusing on the dialogue. This clashed with Tsuda’s vision, and she wanted Anno to ditch the comedy while focusing on characters and plot.

Anno left the series after 13 episodes due to Tsuda threatening to have him fired. Kazuya Tsurumaki was chosen to direct the last 13 episodes, but Tsuda already told Gainax that she would not allow a second season to be produced by them.

4Victory Gundam

Yoshiyuki Tomino has a love-hate relationship with the Gundam franchise. Depending on his mood, the franchise is his gift to the world or a terrible mistake.

But, he absolutely hates Victory Gundam, and has urged fans to never watch it. When Sunrise released a Blu-ray master of the series, Tomino wrote, “I want to completely reject this work. These kind of results are the full responsibility of the director. If you should by some mistake watch this Blu-ray, try looking for what’s bad in Mobile Suit V Gundam. If even one person notices, then I believe that there will have been meaning in releasing this Blu-ray.”



Takeshi Shudo was the chief writer of the Pokémon anime and created the Kanto, Orange Island, and Johto arcs. Shudo resigned during the time of the Johto arc because he hated how formulaic the anime had to be.

In a series of blog posts, Shudo revealed his initial dark take on the games was declined in favor for of more kid friendly fare. For example, at one point Pikachu was going to lead a Pokémon rebellion against their masters.

Shudo also came to hate Jesse and James, the two characters he created for the anime.  He detested how they were used as punching bags and were harmless, all because of corporate mandate.


6Sensual Phrase

Mayu Shinjo actually quit writing shoujo manga because Sensual Phrase was adapted without her knowledge. Shinjo wrote that she was the last person to know of the adaptation and that she was not allowed any input during the production.

Shinjo would leave Shogakukan (publisher of her manga) in 2007 after learning the anime was being re-ran on AT-X after finding the listing on a TV guide. Currently, she enjoys a career writing Boys’ Love manga.


7Magical Warefare

Light novel adaptations are everywhere, and I’m sure we will see a few more authors speak out against bad adaptations of their work.

Magical Warefare author Hisashi Suzuki called the anime “a mistake” and revealed Madhouse adapted the series despite telling them, “…there are other good works out there. Don’t do it.”



This one is a twist, in that the anime’s director (Hiroyuki Morita) actively shared his hatred for the manga’s story. In a blog post, Morita wrote “The director [Morita] of the animated version of Bokurano dislikes the original manga. From here on out, you can’t expect the animated version to expand on what you might appealing in the original. So, fans of the original, please do not watch the animated version from now on.”

Bokurano mangaka Mohiro Kitoh did approve of every story change found in the anime, but it still must have been an awkward exchange between the two.


Do you know of other anime that the original creator hates?

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