7 Videos That Show The Bizarreness of Anime in VRChat

VRChat is the most bizarre, yet obvious outcome of giving people ‘Second Life’ in the form VR immersion. Over the last 6 months, VRChat has gone through a surge in popularity thanks to YouTube and Twitch streamers creating content around the platform.

VRChat provides a platform for people to create social virtual worlds. Using the VRChat SDK and the Unity3D engine, you can create interactive worlds and character models of anything and anyone. Naturally, this resulted in the platform being flooded with a variety of film, tv, video game, and a lot of anime characters placed in the most bizarre scenarios.

Giving people the tools to create their own worlds to essentially roleplay as other characters is practically a calling card for the anime community.

1VRChat is basically WorldStar for Anime Fans

2You can see cute anime girls doing cute things.

3You can play with your favorite Pokemon Pikachu in new ways.

4Ever wanted to play with Neko girls? Check.

5Traps? Also, Check.

6Need a gf or bf? You’ve come to the right place.



7All in All, VRChat is a place of anime craziness.

Summary: VRChat is Best Anime of 2017.

Live for the culture. Ride for the culture. Die for the culture.
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