6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sleep on ‘Laid-Back Camp’

Winter 2018 is heaven for slice of life of fans – you can’t go a day without a new episode airing!

Yuru Camp, which is an adaptation by the newcomer C-Station Studio, stands out from the pack with an adorable cast and beautiful nature shots. Here are some reasons why fans shouldn’t sleep on this camping anime!


1Appreciating Nature

Don’t go into Laid-Back Camp expecting anything other than cute girls camping. You won’t find drama, the meaning of life, or some profound twist. The anime is exactly what the title says.

That being said, fans of nature backdrops (especially of the mountains) will adore the art direction. Glamour shots of Mt. Fuji, sunsets, open fields and forests are plentiful. C-Station’s work is so pretty that it feels like you are outdoors at times.


2Real-Life Locations

Laid-Back Camp uses real-world locations that C-Station’s staff lovingly crafted. For example, episode 1 takes place on a Koan Camping Ground nestled on Lake Motosu. The attention to detail is amazing, and Laid-Back Camp manages to capture Mt. Fuji’s majesty in way few anime have done before.



We haven’t spent much time with the cast, but Rin is already a winner. She wears heart on her sleeve and wants to enjoy solo camping sessions. Rin’s personality is a perfect foil for Nadeshiko’s bubbliness, and you have to love Rin’s reactions to everything.



Iyashikei, or “healing stories,” are uniquely Japanese and serves to soothe the audience. It’s not an easy genre to get into if you crave conflict, adventure, over-the-top comedy, or more Western-style writing found in shounen and seinen titles.

Laid-Back Camp‘s primary goal is to soothe your heart through beautiful scenery, Rin’s passion for camping, and Nadeshiko’s enthusiasm. It’s an increasingly rare genre but offers a quiet get-away for viewers that are seeking something comfy.


5The Appeal of Camping

Sometimes you want to get away from technology and society – so embrace the irony and escape with anime!

However, Laid-Back Camp does a great job covering the basics of rustic camping, which may spark an interest in you. From tent styles to building a fire, everything is introduced in an easy-to-understand way for non-campers.

Rin’s tranquility and Nadeshiko’s energy also highlights how campers feel about the hobby. It can be used as an escape from society’s noise or as a way to explore nature in a semi-raw state.


6The Humor

Sure, Laid-Back Camp won’t make you bust a vessel with laughter, but the subtle style of humor is great.


What do you think of Laid-Back Camp? You can legally stream the series on Crunchyroll.

Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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