5 Crackpot Re:Zero Theories That Might Be Crazy Enough to Be True

I didn’t think too much of Re:Zero until I started reading into the lore. I was absolutely blown away by the number of mysteries within the series, and the rabbit hole seemed to go on forever, with no end in sight. Naturally, one is curious enough to start making theories, some plausible and some completely ridiculous. But with an anime as strange as Re:Zero, the craziest theories might just be the right ones. Here are a few of those theories.

*NOTE* Spoilers for Re:Zero!

1. Roswaal Controls the Witch’s Cult

Roswaal is never there when you need him. In fact, most of the bad things seem to happen while he’s not there. Coincidence? The theory that Roswaal commands the Witch’s Cult originates in the past of Ram and Rem. The attackers of the Oni village were from the Witch’s Cult, and the savior of the sisters was Roswaal. The chance of him helping these two sisters out is unlikely compared to the theory that he orchestrated the attack. Perhaps it was because Ram’s powers were a threat to him and when her horn was broken, her threat disappeared so Roswaal decided to take them as servants.

If the theory is true, why does he attack his own kingdom? He mentions that he wants to use Emilia’s ascension to the throne as a chance to kill the Dragon, but perhaps when Felt was announced as a candidate with Reinhart at her side, Roswaal decided his chances were better with the Master Swordsman.

2. Satella was Emilia Once

There are many theories that claim Emilia is Satella and suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. What a convenient explanation. Have you heard this one before? Satella was Emilia before, but no longer.

The first time Subaru encounters Emilia, she proclaims that she is Satella. She seems to show a great amount of affection to Subaru, who she only met that day. But then after Subaru’s first death alongside Emilia, he calls her out by the name “Satella”, and Emilia is outraged. Very bizarre.

So what if Subaru never had Return to Zero powers when he first arrived to Lagunica? The power is Satella’s, who was possessing Emilia at the time. Satella might have been using Emilia’s body for quite some time, which is why so many people think Satella looks exactly like Emilia. When Satella (in Emilia’s body) dies with Subaru on his first death, she actually leaves Emilia’s body and transfers over to Subaru, giving him his Return to Zero ability and returning Emilia to herself before Satella possessed her.

3. Subaru Can’t Actually Go Back in Time

So this theory is a little difficult to both prove and disprove, but the theory states that instead of dying and returning to a certain point in time, Subaru actually sees into the future and plays out how each of his actions perform before he chooses the best available one. That means for the past few episodes, he’s been just standing in front of that appa store staring blankly into space while he simulates everything.

4. Rem is Faking Her Love

If Rem loves anyone more than Subaru, it’s her sister Ram. Ram has 100% loyalty for Roswaal, and it’s easy to assume Rem does too. Not too many people might know this, but Roswaal tells Rem to let Subaru go to the royal candidate meeting and mess everything up. Rem knows Subaru loves Emilia, so if she really cared about Subaru, she would have forced him to stay. Otherwise, everything she said in Episode 18 is contradictory. Also, her love for him is very different from the time she killed him.

So then it’s likely Roswaal or Ram ordered Rem to convince Subaru that she loves him in order to get Subaru to behave in a certain way. If Roswaal could control the Witch’s Cult according to Theory #1, it’s not too farfetched for him to have set up Subaru’s encounter with the Mabeast dogs in order to give Rem a reason to pretend to love Subaru.

5. Reinhart Wants to Be Ruler

Reinhart is pretty much perfect in every way. So why would he endorse a nobody like Felt as a royal candidate?

Simple. It’s because Reinhart and Felt share the same vision: destroy and rebuilt the government. Reinhart is obviously stronger and smarter than Felt, but probably sees the problems of the government firsthand. He must be thinking “if I, the perfect Reinhart, controlled the government, I could do much better”. Unfortunately for him, the government’s system disqualifies him from ever having any say in how the country is ruled. So he wants to use Felt and the lame excuse that she is a candidate because she stole the stone in order to climb to the top of the government.

Let’s debate these theories. Have your own theories? Then we need to talk. If you’re ahead in the Light Novels, please be considerate of those who are only caught up with the anime.

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