4 Exciting Anime ‘Megalo Box’ Fans Should Watch

Megalo Box is a fan-favorite thanks to its futuristic take on boxing, grimy visuals, and hot-blooded protagonist. The story follows JD as he enters the Megalo Box tournament with dreams of challenging Yuri.

Megalo Box

It’s one of spring’s most exciting anime, and fans can’t wait for new episodes to air. Here are some similarly themed shows that can hold you over while you wait for new Megalo Box episodes.


1Ashita no Joe

This is cheating since Megalo Box was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ashita no Joe. Both series center around a hotheaded underdog with dreams of challenging a current champion. There are similar story-beats, but Ashita no Joe has a more realistic tone.

Studio: Mushi Production (season 1) / TMS Entertainment (season 2)

Genre: Drama / Sports

Episodes: 126

Quick Pitch: Joe Yabuki is a troubled youth who turns to violence when facing problems. After fighting off a local gang, Joe gains the attention of Danpei Tenge – a boxing coach turned alcoholic. After saving Joe, he agrees to live with and train under Danpei to become Japan’s top boxer.


2Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo is flashier and Ippo is a level-headed protagonist, but Megalo Box fans with love the boxing scenes.

Studio: Madhouse / MAPPA (co-produced season 3)

Genre: Drama / Sports

Episodes: 127 + 1 Movie + 1 OVA

Quick Pitch: Makunouchi Ippo has been bullied his entire life, but things begin to change after he was saved by Takamura Mamoru, who is a boxer. Ippo is amazed by Mamoru’s gym and asks for training. Deeming it worthless, Mamoru promises to train Ippo only if he accomplishes an impossible task for a novice.


3Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is a different genre, but fans have been sharing how Megalo Box has a similar art style, soundtrack, cast personalities. Mugen and Joe could be relatives.

Studio: Manglobe

Genre: Action / Adventure / Chanbara

Episodes: 26

Quick Pitch: Mugen and Jin view each other as worthy opponents and decide to dual at a teahouse. In the midst of the chaos, the duo accidentally kills the magistrate’s son and face execution. Fuu, a waitress from the teahouse, offers to help them escape, but they must travel with her to search for a samurai that smells of sunflowers.



Both series center around a life-changing event that attracts people (and aliens) from all walks of life. Redline just happens to be about racing.

Studio: Madhouse

Genre: Action / Science Fiction / Sports

Episodes: 1 Movie

Quick Pitch: Every five years, a death-defying race called Redline is held. Racers from around the galaxy join to seek the ultimate thrill, and JP is hoping to win it. Roboworld is hosting the race, and the planet’s trigger-happy criminals are looking to spread havoc, which only adds to the racers’ excitement.

What anime do you recommend to Megalo Box fans?

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