28 Things All Cosplayers Understand Too Well

1. Spending more time collecting reference pictures than actually making the cosplay

balnibarbi / deviantart

2. Owning nearly every color thread ever made, but not the one you need for that cosplay


3. Too many cosplay ideas, not enough cons.

4. Hoarding JoAnne’s Coupons

5. Acting in character for a character with your opposite personality

6. Wearing a summer cosplay in the winter

Alissa Simmons

7. Wearing a winter cosplay during the summer

Mon / World Cosplay

8. Becoming known for one character so making all of their variant outfits as well

9. Planning cosplays years in advance

10. Trying to make a cosplay out of the left over fabric from other cosplays

11. Underestimating how much a cosplay is going to cost

12. ALWAYS poop before you put on your cosplay.

13. Not being sure whether you’re an ambitious cosplayer or a masochist

Mon / World Cosplay

14. Multipurpose wigs

15. Breaking a sewing needle the night before the con

16. Giving an in character greeting to another cosplayer and receiving an in-character reply from them


17. Becoming a hot glue warrior, able to withstand all hot glue touching your skin

18. Finally getting the sleeves right

Mon / World Cosplay

19. Learning useful life skills from cosplaying

20. Pack for a con, forget to bring real clothes

21. Driving in cosplay


22. Wearing a non-mainstream cosplay and having someone recognize you

23. Going out to buy regular clothes and subconsciously thinking how you could use them for cosplay

24. Actually completing a cosplay from your “Future Cosplay” list.

25. The ultimate moment of finding a reference picture of the back of your cosplay character’s outfit.

26. The constant fear of your cosplay falling apart on the con floor.


27. That proud moment when you get back your photos from the con and they are ON POINT

Rei Ryugazaki

28. Having an awesome, supportive, crazy group of cosplay friends that you wouldn’t trade for the world.

Shasadosh / Deviantart

Live for the culture. Ride for the culture. Die for the culture.
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