20 Seinen Manga That Desperately Need an Anime Adaptation

The seinen manga demographic is popular for showcasing mature twists on well-known genres. These series tend to have detailed character growth and slower paced stories, with action manga having more graphic violence and romance focusing on emotional growth.

While the demographic is overshadowed by its younger shounen counterparts, it’s still ripe for adaptations! Here is some seinen manga that we hope get an anime in the future.


Mangaka: Inio Asano

Chapters: 147 (Finished)

Quick pitch: Punpun Onodera is a typical 11-year-old Japanese boy. He is a hopeless romantic and thinks he has a chance at first love with a girl named Aiko Tanaka. Slowly, his naive worldview crumbles after learning that relationships are a lot of work and after witnessing his father assault his mother. These two events throw his life into a slow spiral..


Mangaka: Takehiko Inoue

Genre: Chanbara / Historical

Chapters: 327 (Finished)

Quick pitch: Shinmen Takezou was shunned by his village due to his violent nature. After surviving a disastrous military campaign, Takezou becomes a legendary and wanted ronin.


Mangaka: Naoki Urasawa

Genre: Mystery / Science Fiction / Thriller

Chapters: 249 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: The 20th century is ending and people all over the world are anxious that the world is changing for the worse. Kenji lives a quiet life working as a convenience store manager but learns that a friend has committed suicide. On top of this, a new cult is gaining notoriety…and that they may be targeting Kenji and his remaining friends.


Mangaka: Junji Ito

Genre: Horror

Chapters: 19 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Kurozuchou is cursed coastal town. According to Shuichi Saito, the town is haunted by the spiral. The hypnotic shape manifests in different ways and spreads unescapable madness.


Mangaka: Makoto Yukimura

Genre: Action / Historical Fiction

Volumes: 146 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: Thorfinn is the son of one of the Viking’s greatest warriors, and is one of the best fighters in a band of mercenaries. However, Thorfinn is not a mercenary for love of battle or plunder, but instead, so he can take revenge on their leader Askeladd. Despite all the planning, Askeladd hatches an ambitious plan that could affect England and drags Thorfinn into it.


6Liar Game

Mangaka: Shinobu Kaitani

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Psychological Thriller

Chapters: 203 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Nao Kanzaki is an honest college girl who receives a mysterious package containing 100 million yen and a note stating she is a contestant in the Lair Game Tournament. The game revolves around obtaining another contestant’s money, with the loser bearing a debt equal to their loss. When Nao’s money is stolen, she asks a con man named Shinichi Akiyama to help her retrieve it. After defeating their first opponent, the duo vows to advance through the tournament to free their opponents from their debt and to defeat the Liar Game organization.


Mangaka: Inio Asano

Genre: Drama / Slice of Life

Chapters: 28 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Meiko and Taneda have been dating since their college days, but they have no real goals or direction. Meiko has been working as an office lady for the past two years and Taneda works as an illustrator. They earn just enough to pay the rent. One day, Meiko decides to quit her job to find a worthy goal and Taneda decides to reunite with his old bandmates. The couple is prepared for the unpredictable future, no matter what hardships it may bring.


Mangaka: Kengo Hanazawa

Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller

Chapters: 264 (Finished)

Quick pitch: 35-year-old Hideo Suzuki works as a manga assistant after his own series fails to meet sales goals. His mundane life is filled with frustration due to unfulfilled goals, failed relationships, and hallucinations. However, Hideo’s life changes after learning about a disease that turns people into homicidal maniacs.


Mangaka: Kei Kusunoki

Chapters: 32 (Finished)

Quick pitch: Daisuke is a popular high school student who would date any girl, except for Aikawa. He finds her “sweet virgin” personality annoying and aversion to physical contact offensive. His attitude changes after he accidentally learns of Aikawa’s secret past. Aikawa is not aware that Daisuke knows her secret, but becomes more relaxed around him due to his sudden compassion.


10Sun-Ken Rock

Mangaka: Boichi

Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance

Chapters: 181 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Ken Kitano is a high school delinquent who leaves Japan in pursuit of his love, Yumin Yoshizawa. He follows her to Korea and discovers that she has become a police officer. While trying to make a meager living in order to become a cop, Ken saves the life of an elderly man who is being harassed by loan sharks. This violent act of kindness attracts the attention of a local gang and they blackmail Ken into joining them.


11Übel Blatt

Mangaka: Etorouji Shiono

Genre: Action / Adventure / Dark Fantasy

Chapters: 154 (ongoing)

Quick pitch: When Wischtech threatened to invade the Empire of Szaalenden, the emperor sent 14 champions to combat the Wischtech forces. However, only 7 managed to survive and halt the invader forces, and they were celebrated as heroes.

20 years later, the “Lances of Betrayal” (named after the four traitors) appear near the frontier and threaten to cause chaos. However, they were defeated by a mysterious boy named Koinzell, but his ultimate goal is to kill the Seven Heroes from the past war.


Mangaka: Q Hayashida

Genre: Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Chapters: 157 (Ongoing)

Quick Pitch: Due to a magic attack, Kaiman has a lizard-head and no memory. With the help of a friend, he embarks on a quest of biting the heads of magic-users to find the one responsible for his disturbing new life.



Mangaka: Kouji Mori

Genre: Action / Psychological

Chapters: 182 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Yuu Kamishiro has been bullied since middle school. The harassment gets so severe that Yuu stops showing up to school and trains to fight. He now wanders the streets, finding peace in fighting. Yuu’s skills attract the attention of many different martial artists and street fighters.


Mangaka: Milk Morinaga

Genre: Romance / Yuri

Chapters: 35 (Finished)

Quick pitch: Mariko Kumakura is the top student in her class, but she is terribly shy and has no friends. Things change upon meeting the energetic Akko Oohashi.  The two become close friends as Akko helps Mariko break out of her shell, but their budding friendship starts to turn into something else.



Mangaka: Hideo Yamamoto

Genre: Horror / Psychological

Chapters: 166 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Trepanation is the procedure of drilling a hole in the skull as a way to improve blood circulation and to improve skull pressure. It’s also said to bring out a person’s sixth sense. Susumu Nakoshi is a homeless man and agrees to let a medical student perform the procedure in exchange for 700,000 yen. Fans call this manga a deep masterpiece that tears away everything you think you know about humanity and what makes you happy.


16Yokohama Shopping Log

Mangaka: Hitoshi Ashinano

Genre: Science Fiction / Slice of Life

Chapters: 142 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Alpha Hatsuseno is an android that runs a café outside of Yokohama. Humanity is in their twilight era and has accepted a simpler life after failing to prevent environmental catastrophes caused by their old ways. Alpha travels with her trusty scooter and camera to enjoy the passage of time and making new friends.


17Eden: It’s an Endless World!

Mangaka: Hiroki Endo

Genre: Action / Cyberpunk / Psychological

Chapters: 127 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: A pandemic kills 15% of the world’s population. The chaos allows a group called The Propater to topple the United Nations and seize control of the world. Elijah Ballard is on the run from The Propater and is forced to join a mercenary group, which is connected to his father’s drug empire.


18Franken Fran

Mangaka: Katsuhisa Kigitsu

Genre: Comedy / Horror / Science Fiction

Chapters: 71 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Fran is Dr. Madaraki’s artificial daughter, and she takes over his work while he is away. With the aid of her violent sister and the doctor’s other creations, Fran works diligently to solve the problems of clients in gruesome ways.



Mangaka: Aki Eda

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Chapters: 36 (Finished)

Quick Pitch: Ozawa has just broken up with her boyfriend of five years and is rebuilding her life. One day, she meets Oyamada, who is a loner that lives a couple floors below her. Oyamada’s room is filled with random items his brother sends, which sparks an interest in Ozawa. Eventually, their friendship slowly grows into something more serious.


20Kokou no Hito

Mangaka: Shinichi Sakamoto / Yoshirou Nabeda (co-writer)

Genre: Adventure / Drama

Volumes: 17 (complete)

Quick pitch: Mori Buntarou is an introvert. But after transferring to a new school, Mori is dared by a classmate to climb the school building. The rush of adrenaline fills Mori and awakens his love for mountain climbing.


What seinen manga do you think needs an anime adaptation?

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