14 Worlds You Wish You Could Visit for Halloween

I love Halloween! It gives everyone an excuse to dress up, embrace scary movies, and freak out your friends. Here are some settings that would make for a perfect Halloween trip.


1. Death City – Soul EaterSoul Eater

Soul Eater is the most Halloween-ey anime ever!



2. Thriller Bark – One PieceOne Piece

Thriller Bark oozes Halloween charm! Zombies, ghosts, and ghouls hunt down the Straw Hats with mist and a deep purple color scheme giving off a Halloween flavor.



3. Demon World – Blood LadBlood Lad

Blood Lad has a fun and colorful take on the demon world. It still has the hellish vibe, but a whacky cast of vampires, werewolves, and other horror monsters are more fun than scary.



4. Heavenly Host Elementary School – Corpse PartyCorpse Party

Heavenly Host would be the perfect haunted house attraction to take a date! Let’s just hope the ghost children will be appeased by candy…



5. Everywhere – Re-Kan!Re-Kan!

Re-Kan! takes various yokai and turn them into friendly and misunderstood apparitions! I would love to wander around that small town to meet some of the friendly ghosts.



6. Hinamizawa – Higurashi no Naku Koro NiHigurashi no Naku Koro Ni

This idyllic village has one of the worst curses in all of anime. Could you imagine doing taking a stroll there?



7. Youkai Academy – Rosario + VampireRosario + Vampire

All of your favorite mythical monsters are attending a high school that teaches them how to live in the human world. It is a fun take on some iconic creatures that always pop-up during Halloween.



8. Halloween Town – Kingdom HeartsKingdom Hearts

It is not an anime, but I don’t care! I really, really would love to visit Halloween Town.



9. New York City – Blood Blockade BattlefrontBlood Blockade Battlefront

It is almost as weird as the real New York City!



10. Luna Nova Magical Academy – Little Witch AcademiaLittle Witch Academia

You can’t have Halloween without witches! Little Witch Academia would be the most charming trick-or-treat spot to take the kids.



11. The Entire World – Hellsing UltimateHellsing Ultimate

Would be a horror fans dream to fight Nazi zombies, werewolves, and vampires with Alucard by your side. Hopefully, you would live to tell the tale.



12. Hell – Hell GirlHell Girl

There is a creepy and mysterious vibe surrounding the world of Hell Girl. You know you aren’t supposed to go there, but your curiosity will get the better of you.



13. The Lost Village – MayoigaMayoiga

Oh, yes! Is it the creepy village? The spirits that bring your nightmares to life? No, the scariest thing is being around random strangers who are willing to get on the bus to begin with!



14. Midnight Channel – Persona 4 the AnimationPersona 4 the Animation

Is there anything more frightening than meeting the dark side of your personality?

What anime worlds would you love to visit on Halloween?

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