14 Signs You Are A Terrible Anime Fan

We all like anime and wish the best for the mediumGintamaMrw watching anime.




But there are some people who just don’t careNagi no Asukara

Elitists, hipsters, bad fans. Call them what you want, but we’ve run into them. Here are some signs you might be one of them.



1. You puke on command when a mainstream series is mentionedGravity Falls


Brb, making something better than Attack on Titan.



2. You follow the series you hate just to be reminded how much it sucksOne Piece


Did you see the latest One Piece? Shit like usual, they should cancel it already…when is the next episode coming out?



3. Everyone that loves mainstream anime is killing animeAttack on Titan


Please stop liking things that I hate.



4. Everything after [arbitrary year] is literal shitThe Flowers of Evil

I can’t even begin to point out how bad anime is after 2014. I should know, that’s the year I started.



5. The larger the fanbase = the dumber the showNeon Genesis Evangelion

So does that make Neon Genesis Evangelion really stupid, since it’s so popular?



6. A dub RUINS the entire show and changes how it’s interpretedBlack Butler

This completely optional feature just made my favorite show in the world total shit!



7. People that like shows you hate are weeaboosWeeaboo

God help us all.



8. No fun allowedNo Fun Allowed

Anime is serious. No in-jokes, shitposting, memes, or fun in general.



9. People that ask about anime are literally the worstWale



10. You blow every nitpick out of proportionHyouka


There is a difference between legit criticism (pacing issues and plot holes) and nitpicking (omg, there is a tsundere, this show is cancer).



11. Every show has to be deepDeep


Anime that was made just to be entertainment has no reason to exist.



12. Liking one mainstream show discredits your opinionsSword Art Online


You’re cool for liking Kino’s Journey, but the moment you stated joy for watching Sword Art Online killed your credibility.



13. People that like “shit” anime are delusionalThe Devil is a Part-Timer!


Because it’s impossible to imagine that someone would actually like something.



14. Most importantly, you don’t know how to respect other people’s opinions and tastes.Danganronpa: The Animation


You will go out of your way to crap on someone’s taste.



But hey, it’s okay to hate and criticize somethingSpider-Man


Because blindly loving a series is just as bad as blindly hating something. The difference is learning to respect opinions and knowing when you’re going too far.

(but omg, kill urself plz if u dnt <3 boku no pico)

Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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