11 Ways to Survive This Christmas

Christmas is upon us, which means it’s time for get-togethers, parties, and other types of functions you may or may not want to attend. No worries, here are some simple tips to survive this busy holiday!


1. Drop Subtle Anime References in ConvosThis is the End

You can hide your power level or go all out with the references all night. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new anime-loving friend at a party or discover that your cousin loves some questionable stuff!


2. Indulge in a Christmas Anime FilmTokyo Godfathers

Take a break from A Christmas StoryElf, and Die Hard marathons and share Tokyo Godfathers or Tenchi the Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness will the family.


3. Grind Holiday Events in GamesFAP CEO

Tons of video games are hosting Christmas and Holiday events that include unique costumes, in-game prizes, and special character story segments. Games like FAP CEO are also a fun way to spice up your Christmas.


4. Enjoy the FoodChristmas Food

Get-togethers and Christmas parties are filled with great food — some of which are holiday themed. Take the time to indulge in some of the seasonal treats or to show off your culinary skills.


5. Blend In with an Ugly Christmas SweaterUgly Christmas Sweater

You can nab this sweater on Etsy!

Whether your love or hate the ugly sweater tradition, you can take the opportunity to show up in whatever you want! The lazy dressers among us will blend in with no problem.


6. Christmas KaraokeLucky Star

Christmas carols are pretty fun when sung with a group. You can spice things up with some J-pop inspired Christmas songs as well.


7. Avoid the Dreaded PoliticsMonster Musume

Why stress over political debates when you can have a good, old-fashioned waifu war?


8. Smile and NodWorking!!

Have a strange co-worker that is trying to converse with you, or can’t remember some long-lost uncle? Just smile and nod.


9. Or Just Get Real Weird With ItPersona 4 the Animation

Eggnog and sugar cookies have a way of awakening your inner Santa Claus, so don’t be too afraid to let loose!


10. Throw an Improve Smash Bros. TournamentSuper Smash Bros Ultimate

Let’s be real, your family is already broken due to whacky holiday stress. Why not push everyone to the edge with a simple Smash Bros. tournament? No items, Fox only, Final Destination.


11. Always Have an Exit PlanReLife

The best plan is a simple one: restrict your Christmas interactions to phone calls. After you make your rounds, simply enjoy the rest of your day binge-watching shows in your pajamas.


How do you plan to survive this Christmas?

Alex Jaxon
I've been hooked on sci-fi, gaming, and anime ever since watching Trigun, Outlaw Star, and playing Final Fantasy. I love exploring shows and subjects that have been passed over. Pro-VR, pro-lewd, pro-indie gaming, and anti-censorship. I take about 4 major trips a year to other countries and love to visit the local fan conventions (sci-fi, anime, games, VR) when I can.
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