Halloween is a night to get creative and do something wild. But there are some costumes that are so wild you probably won’t be slipping into these suits any time soon.

11. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet in her Heaven’s Wheel armor from Fairy Tail is a feat to create and even bigger feat to get through the door. Imagine whacking people all night with your wings and swords. The big question is: will your arm armor be flexible enough that you can lift your hand to your face so you can drink and eat. Or will someone else be feeding you?

22. Zephyranthes

Zephyranthes from the eroge game Flower Knight Girl has all the fluff but none of the stuff that’ll keep you covered and comfortable. She’s a great visual representation of the Pink Rain Lily flower but not what you want to wear on a night out. It’s double risky since this all-white outfit won’t survive sudden rain showers.

33. Mikisugi

Mikisugi from the over the top anime Kill la Kill is a cosplay for only the boldest of people. You must cover yourself in sparkles and glowing nips while posing constantly. Falling articles of clothing can really complete the look.

44. Yomi

Yomi from the visual novel Sakura Dungeon is going to give you nightmares if you attempt to cosplay the popular ‘sexy kimono’ style. If your Halloween pictures get out, you’re going to be having a very uncomfortable conversation with Mom and Dad. Especially if you crossplay.

(Plus you’re going to have to oil yourself up to get those shine marks!)

55. Mitsurugi Sakuya

Mitsurugi Sakuya from Gakuen Handsome is an unattainable beauty that does not abide by human standards. To be able to pull off this cosplay, you’ll need a few things: a pair of booty shorts, a shirt with holes cut to expose your nipples, and the body of a god. In all seriousness though, you’ll probably have to do some serious contouring to make your chin into a sweet potato.

66. All Plugsuits

Plugsuits are always a fun one to imagine yourself cosplaying but the reality is so different. It’s basically a unitard. A shiny, shiny unitard. It probably has to be made from clingwrap to accurately show the indentation of your belly button. It’s a shame that so many characters sport the suit and make us all believe that we too can get on their level like Asuka from Evangelion, Angela from Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise, and Asaga from Sunrider Liberation Day.

77. Shuichi’s Father

Shuichi’s Father from the horror manga Uzumaki is barely human and seems to have a bit of a back problem in this chapter. Don’t worry, he’s still alive in that tub there so he’s available for cosplay! But the problem with this character is his awkward positioning that might leave you in a twist the next morning. Unless you’re some demon gymnast, I don’t recommend pulling this one off.

88. Ultimate Dress Spheres

Ultimate Dress Spheres from Final Fantasy X-2 are among the most intricate and impossible to recreate costumes from any Final Fantasy game. Seeing Pain with her knife cocoon, Riku with her giant mecha dog, and Yuna with her hovering parade float is more than enough to put down the scissors and give up on costuming the rest of your life. I would literally pay money to see someone try to make any one of these black magic cosplays.

99. Doppel

Doppel from the ecchi anime Monster Musume may be simultaneously the easiest and hardest cosplay on this list. The difficulty with this cosplay is the sheer lack of clothing and the conveniently placed free-floating hair. I can only imagine someone trying to staple or tape their wig to their chest and privates in an attempt to have a semblance of coverage in public. So maybe only exhibitionists welcome?

1010. Headless Celty

Headless Celty from the mysterious Durarara!! is a tricky one in more than one way. Many people are able to to cosplay her in a tight leather suit andher iconic yellow helmet but that’s not who Celty really is. The true cosplay is a headless cosplay and I’m pretty sure most people need that to live. And then adding in the dark matter smoking from her neck hole you’ve got a supernaturally impossible cosplay.

1111. Pica

Pica from the anime smash hit One Piece is built like a wall and can also turn into one. As if the armor wasn’t complicated enough, then he’s got these body proportions of a guy who’s skipped leg day since birth. And don’t forget those spikes made of what looks like skin jutting out from his shoulders up there. I honestly would enjoy to see someone pull this off but I’d also be concerned for their health. P.S. don’t forget the high squeaky voice.

We’ve reviewed a variety of problematic cosplays from the nearly naked to the overly clothed. Although I’ve personally only ever gone as a background character for Halloween, maybe this is the year to aim higher. After all we’ve shown you, which cosplays do you think you could pull off despite the trials? Or do any other impossible cosplays come to mind? Let us know below!

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