‘Tokyo Ghoul’ is Getting a Second Live-Action Film

Do you remember last year's surprisingly decent Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie?

What Fall 2018 Anime Has You Hyped?

The fall season is upon us and we want to know what series the community is most hyped to watch. Below, you'll find 15...

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is Re-imagined as a Live-Action Series

Hollywood is getting a shot at creating a live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender, this time without M. Night Shyamalan!

Rom-Com ‘Kaguya-sama: War is Love’ is Airing this January

This winter's adaptation of Kaguya-sama: Love is War is shaping up as an early crowd pleasure!

Christian Pastors Try to Censor a Yuri Manga During Banned Book...

Three influential pastors are demanding that the Rumford Public Library remove My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness since it's "not appropriate for a public library."

The ‘OreGairu’ Series Gets Final Book in November

Fans of Hachiman's cynical view on youth, love, and social relationships only have one more book to read.

Kanye West is Still Praising ‘Akira’ For Inspiring His Career

Kanye West has never hidden his love for Japanese pop culture.

‘One Punch Man’ Artist’s ‘Back to the Future’ Manga is Cancelled

The world wasn't ready for Murata's take on Back to the Future.

‘Is the Order a Rabbit?’ is Getting a New Anime Season

Moe fans rejoice because Is the Order a Rabbit? (Gochumon wa Usagi Desu ka?) is getting a third anime season!

Japanese Stalker Claims He Lost His Key & Needed A Place...

In August, Nakagawa found a nefarious letter in her mailbox that read "Please tell me how to reach you."

‘Azur Lane’ Is Getting an Anime Series

The wave won't stop for Azur Lane! A fan event shared new, exciting projects for the mobile game -- including an anime series. Tensho (The Grisaia series /...

‘Monster Musume’ Enters Hiatus Due to Creator’s Mental Health

OKAYADO has told fans that he is taking an indefinite hiatus to focus on his mental health. While no return date is planned, he...

This Japanese Anime Commercial May Be the Last Cel Animation

A long time ago, every piece of anime was hand drawn on cels. This laborious technique required every single frame (including those goofy in-between...

Surprise — The ‘Gintama’ Manga Still Isn’t Ready to End

Weekly Shonen Jump is getting ready to end their serialization of Gintama -- but the manga still has life. You see, Hideaki Sorachi "needs a little...

Japanese Christian Publisher Wants Your ‘Entertaining’ Jesus Stories

Light Novels, which are the Japanese equivalent of Young Adult Books, have exploded in popularity this past decade. Their breezy plots, anime-style conventions, and...

Japanese Group Shares Email Criticizing Parents That Complain About Anime

You're watching some late-night anime, when suddenly grotesque jiggle physics slap your face and gore comes flooding in. Shocked, appalled, and offended -- you...

What Anime Do You Dislike That Others Love?

I can't for the life of me understand why people like series such as K-On!, Fate Kaleid or similar moe shows that seem to...

“Maou-sama, Retry!” is Receiving a TV anime adaptation in 2019

Kurone Kanzaki and Kouji Ogata’s light novel series “Maou-sama, Retry!” will be receiving a TV anime adaptation in 2019.