Was Keijo’s Manga Cancelled Because the Anime Did So Bad?

Daichi Sorayomi’s Keijo!!!!!!!! manga is coming to an end, with the final chapter being published in a double-issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday.


The ecchi-sports series is about a fictional sport called Keijo, which revolves around bikini clad ladies trying to knock an opponent off a platform and into a pool while only using their butt and breasts as weapons. Gymnast Kaminashi Nozomi pursues the sport in hopes to earn enough money to help her family’s financial situation.

The manga ran for 177 chapters and was serialized for four years. There are rumors that Keijo!!!!!!!! was canceled due the anime bombing, which only managed to sell an average of 873 copies per volume. A fake “blog post translation” from Sorayomi has been circulating the internet. In it, he supposedly claims that the manga was canceled due to the anime, and his editor made the decision to ax the series. In truth, Sorayomi hasn’t updated his blog in nearly a month.

The fake translation that has been circulating around the internet.

Most anime is made as a vehicle to drive manga sales, and due to the structure of Keijo‘s final arc, fans believe Sorayomi was given enough time to wrap his work up since the manga didn’t see a bump in sales. What the anime could be blamed for is not driving *new* interest in the manga, as in not saving the manga from its own low sales. If anime sales were a deciding factor in a manga’s fate, then a majority of manga would be canceled right now. It’s not as tantalizing, but Keijo‘s manga is wrapping up most likely because Sorayomi feels it’s the perfect time to end it or because the manga itself wasn’t selling well.



Xebec adapted Keijo!!!!!!!! as a 12 episode anime and created 6 OVA episodes. While the anime wasn’t well-received in Japan, it was popular with international fans.

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