The 22 Manga Adaptations That Will Air This Fall

The most popular anime series tend to be manga adaptations and Fall 2017 has no shortage of them.


1Black Clover

Genre: Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Magic

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Premiere: October 3rd

Quick Pitch: Asta and Yuno have grown up together in the same orphanage and have formed a friendly rivalry. They both hope to become the Wizard King one day, but there is a problem: Yuno was born with exceptional powers and Asta was born magicless.

Upon turning 15, they receive magical grimoires. As expected, Yuno is granted a powerful grimoire. However, Asta is granted something strange. This is the first step of their competition towards becoming the Wizard King.


2UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima! 2

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Harem / Science Fantasy

Studio: J.C. Staff

Premiere: October 3rd

Quick Pitch: Set 70 years after Negima!UQ Holder! centers on a boy named Touta who dreams of moving to the city. However, he is mortally wounded by a bounty hunter looking for Yukihime, who turns out to be the legendary vampire Evangeline. She turns Touta into a vampire to save his life and he joins her covenant of immortal beings known as UQ Holders.


3Gintama: Porori-hen

Genre: Chanbara / Comedy / Historical / Parody / Science Fantasy

Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures

Premiere: October 2nd

Quick Pitch: Gintama: Porori Arc will consist of short gag segments from unadapted manga chapters. However, the anime’s staff has not confirmed if the season will be short-format (about 5 minutes per episode), or if the gags will be interspersed as part of re-runs of older material.


4Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma: The Third Plate

Genre: Comedy / Ecchi

Studio: J.C. Staff

Premiere: October 4th

Quick Pitch: Soma and his friends are forced to fight against Erina’s authoritarian, abusive Father and the Council of Ten as they try to protect Tōtsuki Academy from being overtaken. The entire culinary world is turned upside down as they battle master chefs who believe there is only one way to satisfy true gourmets.


5Alcohol is for Married Couples (Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara)

Studio: Creators in Pack

Genre: Comedy / Romance / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 4th

Quick Pitch: Chisato is a reserved, but an excellent assistant manager in her company. However, Chisato has a secret that only her husband knows and that is she enjoys drinking alcohol. A lot. Comedy unrolls effortlessly in this popular rom-com story.


6Konohana Kitan

Studio: Lerche

Genre: Fantasy / Shoujo Ai / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 4th

Quick Pitch: In a village inhabited by youkai, there is a hot spring inn operated by fox spirits. Yuzu has always lived in the mountains, and she has become a new employee at the inn. While Yuzu is oblivious and clumsy, she tries her best to get along with her co-workers.


7Ame-iro Cocoa Series: Ame-con!!

 Ame-iro Cocoa Series: Ame-con!!

Genre: Comedy / Slice of Life / Yaoi

Studio: EMT²

Premiere: October 4th

Quick Pitch: Set in Hawaii, this 4th season continues as Nozomu opens up the cafe Rainy Color Waikiki. Things start with a bang but customers quickly dropped off. A decision is made to bring in a shiba-inu named Nana as a mascot and this dog is more talented than she looks.


8Girls’ Last Tour (Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou)

Studio: White Fox

Genre: Adventure / Science Fiction / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 6th

Quick Pitch: Chito and Yuuri are the survivors of an unknown apocalyptic event. They wander the ruins of the world on their beloved Kettenkrad. Their days may seem hopeless, but there will always be sunshine if they stay together.


9Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni)

Studio: Orange CG

Genre: Action / Science Fantasy / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 7th

Quick Pitch: Beings called houseki (crystal people) fight against the myseterious tsukijin (moon people), who have been kidnapping houseki for as long as anyone can remember. Phos is weak but she wants to help defend her people from being attacked. While Phos is useless on the battlefield, manager Kongo requests that she work on a natural history magazine that unravels into a far larger project with many unanswered questions.


10Blend S

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Genre: Comedy / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 8th

Quick Pitch: High school girl Maika has trouble finding a part-time job because of how scary she looks while smiling. However, she is scouted to join a café where the waitresses are given traits, like tsundere or younger sister. Maika must work as a sadist and adopt this bold persona for her job.


11Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2nd Season (Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season)

Studio: Studio Deen

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Supernatural

Premiere: October 8th

Quick Pitch: This dark comedy centers around the calm and sadistic oni named Hozuki who manages Hell. His superior is incompetent, Momotaro causes tons of trouble, and everything seems to fall apart when he’s not around. Hozuki has to hold Hell together again and make sure each sinner gets the punishment they deserve.


12The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome)

Studio: Wit Studio

Genre: Fantasy / Romance / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 8th

Quick Pitch: Chise Hatori has lived a life of tragedy. Feeling that she is nothing but a burden, Chise sells herself into slavery and is bought at an auction by a magus named Elias Ainsworth. Elias is a sorcerer of great power and promises to take Chise as his apprentice and future bride.


13Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond (Kekkai Sensen & Beyond)

Studio: Bones

Genre: Action / Supernatural / Urban Fantasy

Premiere: October 8th

Quick Pitch: The story is set to dive deeper into the relationship between Leonardo Watch and his younger sister Michella, who is the reason why Leonardo is in Hellsalem’s Lot. Leonardo’s “All Seeing Eyes of God” power will also be focused on. More monsters, explosions, and questions are answered as this series continues.


14Children of the Whales

Studio: J.C. Staff

Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Mystery

Premiere: October 8th

Quick Pitch: Chakuro and his friends live on a floating island called the Mud Whale. It’s a semi-utopian society where 90% of the inhabitants have special powers called saimia. The only issue is that the powers cause all of the users an early death.

To make things stranger, all of the other floating islands that the Mud Whale has come across are uninhabited. Chakuro worries that something could have happened to the humans, until one day they stumble across an island as large as the Mud Whale. To his surprise, a girl has been living there.


15Himouto! Umaru-chan R

Studio: Doga Kobo

Genre: Comedy / Slice of Life

Premiere: October 9th

Quick Pitch: Umaru Doma is a high school girl who is perfect in every way…until she gets home from school and succumbs to her otaku tendencies. Since she is a master at social situations, almost everyone but her older brother is unaware of Umaru’s true self.


16Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Net-juu no Susume)

Genre: Comedy

Studio: Signal MD

Premiere: October 10th

Quick Pitch: Moriko is a 30-year-old single, NEET woman who drops out of reality in search of a new life in a net game. She begins her new life as a handsome male character named Hayashi and is excited when a pretty named Lily helps out. However, the real world still holds one more surprise for Moriko.


17My Girlfriend is ShoBitch (Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken)

Genre: Comedy / Ecchi / Romance

Studio: Diomedéa

Premiere: October 12th

Quick Pitch: Haruka Shinozaki is an ordinary high school boy. He gathers every ounce of courage and confesses his feelings to the beautiful and diligent class representative Akiho Kohsaka. To everyone’s surprise, Akiho accepts to date Haruka. She approaches their relationship with great intensity, despite having no previous experience, which makes Akiho uncharacteristically sexual.



Genre: Science Fiction

Studio: MAPPA

Premiere: October 13th

Quick Pitch: Inuyashiki is an elderly-looking man who receives a mechanical body after an extraterrestrial explosion. He uses his newfound powers to save people from illness and crime. However, a teenager was also exposed to the explosion, but he uses his powers to kill innocents for amusement. One day, these two people will cross paths and meet their fates.


19March Comes in Like a Lion 2nd Season (3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season)

Genre: Comedy / Drama / Sports

Studio: Shaft

Premiere: October 14th

Quick Pitch: Rei is a 17-year-old professional shogi player who lives on his own. Rei has an estranged relationship with his adoptive family and doesn’t have many friends, but he feels the need to attend a high school. He’s been facing a losing streak and has failed to surpass the 5th Dan rank. However, his relationship with the Kawamoto family and his peers may help him rediscover his passion for shogi.

20My Marriage Interview Partner is a Student, Strong, and a Problem Child. (Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji)

Genre: Ecchi / Romance / Slice of Life

Studio: Seven

Premiere: October 2nd

Quick Pitch: The forbidden love story is about a problem child named Shuuji Kuga and his popular teacher Nana Saigawa. Things get naughty in this teacher-student ecchi that starts with an omiai gone wrong. Passions ignite even against the odds that threaten their romance and careers.



Genre: Comedy / Music / Slice of Life


Premiere: October 3rd

Quick Pitch: A spin-off series that shows the “real” daily lives of the idols that are a part of the Cinderella Girls program. Fans can see a different side of their favorite idols in this popular side project that was irregularly serialized in The IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls mobile game.


22Infini-T Force

Genre: Action

Studio: Tatsunoko Productions

Premiere: October 4th

Quick Pitch: Emi goes to an all-girls school by day and by night she pursues adrenaline in the form motorcycles and action. She gets caught up in an unlikely fight and makes off with a pencil that can make anything she draws real. Her power is overwhelming and of course, villains want to possess it. Gatchaman and more heroes come to her aid in this battle-heavy story.


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