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Cosplay Duo Shares a Scary Accurate Shoot as Rem and Ram

Cosplaying as characters from Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- never goes out of style! And two of the hottest characters to cosplay are twin maids...

Coachella Looks That Will Inspire Your Closet Cosplays

Coachella has become a mecca of both music and fashion. As someone who can't justify dropping $400 for even the cheapest of the tickets,...

Rem, Ram, & the Formula That Made Them Iconic

Discover the character design that helped make Re:Zero's Rem and Ram so popular.

Your Waifu Isn’t Real Time to learn the truth about your waifu.



Fans are Geeking Over Michael B. Jordan Coming Out as an...

Everyone is talking about Michael B. Jordan's breakout role as Killmonger in Black Panther.   One fan mentioned Killmonger's eerie similarities to Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta. It's not just...