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9 Romance Anime That Explore The Childhood Friend Trope

The childhood friend. What image does that phrase conjure up? Well...that's actually true for a majority of series, but we're not here for that! Here...

The 11 Most Supportive and Loving Anime Moms

Let's take the time celebrate anime's most supportive moms! These characters may worry about their children's safety, but they also provide the advice and...

11 Anime About the Pain of Unrequited Love

Unrequited love, or one-sided love, is romantic feelings that are not reciprocated or acknowledged by the beloved. Maybe a character doesn't have the courage to...

I Don’t Want to be Sad Ever Again



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Man Arrested For Threatening to Kill Sock Wearing Schoolgirls

The Fukuoka Prefectural Police is preparing to charge a 48-year-old for threatening to kill school girls for wearing socks. During the past year, the man...