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Harem Series ‘Date a Live’ is Getting a New Anime

Date A Live creator Koushi Tachibana revealed that a new anime series has been green-lit. https://twitter.com/KoshiTachibana/status/921544156173840384 Tachibana's Date A Live began serialization in March 2011, and currently has 17...

The 23 Most Loved Yandere Characters in the Community

We asked the community to vote for their favorite yandere character and 4,143 fans participated! From crazy psychopaths to innocent stalkers, here are the...

School Struggles Told Through Anime

K-On Toradora Gurren Lagann Madoka Magica Date A Live Wolf Children Haganai No Game No Life

35 of the Cutest Younger Sisters In Anime

Sisters in anime are usually nothing like sisters in the real world. Please sister. Tell me more about your boy band crushes   Having an anime sister would...