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This Tokyo Artist is Obsessed with Bakugo’s Crew and Crossovers

If you're a fan of fanart and My Hero Academia, you probably saw @dendenkiribaku a lot in your Twitter feed lately. This Tokyo-based artist is known...

19 Almost Better than Canon ‘My Hero Academia’ Quirks

Fans have enjoyed exploring quirks and imagining their own since Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) manga first debuted in 2014. But...



This Ghoulish ‘Pokemon’ Fan Manga Will Destroy Your Heart

Artist @matsuorca524 creates fun little art pieces centered around Pokémon and Orca whales. https://twitter.com/matsuorca524/status/912454954417217536 https://twitter.com/matsuorca524/status/920461825375735808   When not being cute, they also love to tug at our heartstrings!...