Re:Creators Staff Sponsored a Funeral for an Important Character

Spoilers for Re:Creators follow.


I hope you are caught up with Re:Creators because some major spoilers are about to follow based on events that happened in episodes 8 and 9. If you aren’t caught up, leave and watch those episodes then come back!

Anyways, the Re:Creators production committee sponsored an official funeral for the death of Mamika Kirameki following the events of episode 9. Mamika was fan favorite magical girl from the fictional anime “Magical Slayer Mamika.”

She was fighting alongside Altair, who was using Mamika’s naive nature to force “creators” to change their fictional worlds. While Mamika is a super sweet character, her magical girl powers are really deadly in the real world, which causes her to not want to fight. Sadly, Altair kills Mamika for betrayal.


An official “farewell” party was held by the anime’s staff for Mamika’s death in Akihabara. Attendance was 500 yen ($4.50) and fans could pay respects to their favorite character. An altar and floral display were created, with fans being allowed to leave their own memorial flowers at Mamika’s grave.

The funeral’s staff handed out postcards and curry packaging (food not included) based on the character’s favorite meal to fans. Mamika’s costume and magical weapon were on display, as well as screenshots of her.


The event was held this past weekend, and you have to admit that it was clever marketing since Mamika was a very popular character among fans.

SOURCEAkiba Jigoku
Aaron Magulick
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