Oculus Rift Millionaire Wants to Fund Rem’s Sidestory Anime

Palmer Luckey is the founder of Oculus VR and designer of Oculus Rift. You know, it’s that VR headset thing that people compared to Sword Art Online‘s Nervgear.

Luckey, who sold Oculus VR to Facebook for $3 billion, is also a bit of an anime fan and got the community a little excited when he tweeted Re:Zero‘s creator to see if there was a way he could fund an anime adaptation of the Re:Zero Rem IF side-stories.

And Luckey could totally fund the adaptation, since according to Forbes, he is worth $730 million.

The chapters are a “what if” story that centers around Subaru and Rem running away and starting a family. In it, Rem grows out her hair and pretends to Emilia because deception is Rem’s only chance (probably).

This isn’t the first time Luckey has talked about anime. He’s been known to throw praise at Sword Art Online and has credited the series for bringing the possibilities of VR to a wider audience.

Sword Art Online

In an interview with Japanese magazine Mogura VR, Luckey noted that the Oculus Kickstarter launched during Sword Art Online‘s 3rd episode, which he credits for bringing extra attention to the crowdfunding campaign. He said, “Many people said that SAO seemed more realistic to them because of the existence of Oculus.”

In the same interview, Luckey praised Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale for its depiction of mixed reality technology and thinks that’s the future AR tech should head toward.

Besides Sword Art Online, Luckey told Upload VR  that he is a fan of Code GeassDeath NoteKill la Kill, and Log Horizon.


Better add Re:Zero to that list! And if Luckey has his way, we may see Rem get some time to shine in her own story.

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