GoBoiano - Former Attack on Titan Editor Arrested for Allegedly Killing Wife
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Former Attack on Titan Editor Arrested for Allegedly Killing Wife

Chonhyon Park, former editor of the Attack on Titan manga, was arrested for allegedly killing his wife.

Attack on Titan

The Tokyo Metropolitan arrested Park for the alleged murder. Park is currently the assistant editor-in-chief of Kodansha's Weekly Morning seinen manga magazine. He also edited Attack on Titan during its early chapters.

In a statement to police, Park said that he called emergency services around 2:45 am because he found his wife, Kanako Park, unconscious at the bottom of the stairs near the entrance to their home.

Kanako Park's death was originally being investigated as a suicide, but an autopsy report found signs of strangulation around her neck. A police report said that a security video did not capture any third party entering Park's home, and that only Chonhyon, Kanako, and their four children were home at the time of the death.

Kodansha, who is Park's employer, issued a statement saying, "Park maintains his innocence. We await the results of the investigation and are dealing with this incident with the utmost caution."

Source: NTV News 24 / Tokyo Shimbun

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