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CGI Anime Studio Opens 4th Branch as 2D Studios Are Struggling

You can't go a day without hearing the struggles that anime studios face.

Non Non Biyori


Gainax, one of the international community's most loved studio, is barely surviving off of the Evangelion name.

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Studios like Manglobe, which focus on mature storylines and less moe art, tend to go bankrupt.



Even studios dedicated to helping out with drawing top series, like Studio Fantasia, are vulnerable to bankruptcies.



But, there is is an anime studio that is actually GROWING and finding major success!


Sanzigen Animation Studio has managed to be one of the few anime studios to grow and open new studios to find new talent. The company announced that their fourth studio will open in Nagoya in April 2017. They currently have studios in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

Sanzigen has found success by focusing on 3D CGI animation that mimics the "2D cel-look". Their big goal is to spread this style around the world while hiring the best talent in Japan.

Sanzigen's success falls in line with an industry report from AJA. The group has said that the future of the industry relies on the use of CGI animation, which is something Japanese fans have been supporting. 

Sanzigen was founded in 2003 by former Gonzo employees. They started out helping productions with CGI animation, and have worked on Tiger & BunnyA Certain Scientific Railgun, and Gurren Lagann.

The experience working on other projects have allowed Sanzigen to produce their own anime. Black Rock ShooterArpeggio of Blue Steel, and BBK/BRNK are some of the anime they have produced. 

As the industry moves forward, we'll likely see more studios like Sanzigen adapt to the changing world market. Even traditional studios, like Kyoto Animation, have been adopting CGI in some way for their productions. So, while the industry may seem to be in a dire situation, there are still examples of success to be found.


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