GoBoiano - Studio That Worked on 'Fate/Zero', 'Gunbuster' Enters Bankruptcy
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Studio That Worked on 'Fate/Zero', 'Gunbuster' Enters Bankruptcy

Pour one out for another anime studio.


Studio Fantasia has filed for bankruptcy due to owing 190 million yen ($1.68 million) to 50 different creditors. 

Studio Fantasia was founded in 1983 and co-produced Aim for the Top! Gunbuster with Gainax. The studio was a popular outsource and co-production option for higher tier anime studios. Some of the projects they helped with include Accel WorldNisekoi, and Fate/Zero.


The studio did the inbetween animation for Fate/Zero

Studio Fantasia did expand into their own works, being the sole producer of Project A-ko 3Aika, and Stratos 4. However, Studio Fantasia's last TV anime series was 2008's Glass Maiden and their last OVA was 2013's Nozoki Ana.

Source: Tokyo Shoko Research

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