Man Arrested For Selling Fake Miyazaki and Shinkai Sketches

An unemployed man was arrested by the Okayama Prefectural Police for selling counterfeit autographed anime sketches on an online auction site.

Fake Art

Image via Mainichi Shimbun

The 32-year-old man faces fraud charges for selling a counterfeit autographed Your Name sketch (which sold for 17,000 yen) and a Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind sketch (which sold for 7,750 yen).

The police became aware of the man’s illegal art in 2016 after Makoto Shinkai confirmed on Twitter that an auction page selling his autograph was fake.

“No, it is a fake

After being arrested, the man admitted to selling the fake Shinkai and Miyazaki autographs last year, saying “I drew them by myself to get my living and amusement expenses.”

More faked autographed sketches and other counterfeit items were found in the man’s apartment, which was put up for auction online. Some of the counterfeit art included NarutoDragon Ball, and Black Jack.

Fake Art

Image via Mainichi Shimbun

The man has not faced any formal charges yet since the police are still investigating the situation.

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