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7 Game-Changing Things in Re:Zero the Anime Misses

On the surface, Re:Zero might simply seem like an anime with a love for torture and angst. But the Re:Zero universe is actually quite huge, and there is a vast ocean of information and questions that come with it. Unfortunately, the anime cannot cover them all and leaves out some very important parts you should know. Here are some things not shown in the anime that might change everything you think you know about Re:Zero.



1. Subaru is Not the Only Person Summoned to This World

In fact, Priscilla's knight Aldebaran, or Al for short, was summoned to Emilia's world 18 years ago. But the purpose of Aldebaran's relationship to Subaru remains unclear, even though Al tends to call Subaru "Kyoudai" in the anime. "Kyoudai" means sibling in Japanese, so maybe Aldebaran knows something Subaru doesn't?


2. Aldebaran Knows a Secret About Rem and Ram

When Subaru fails to convince Priscilla into helping to defend Emilia in episode 16 of the anime, Aldebaran escorts Subaru and Rem out of the building. Then, they exchange some meaningless dialogue and go separate ways. But here is an excerpt from the light novel that raises some eyebrows:

And here it is roughly translated:

Al : Goodbye, brother and miss, ah, you must be Ram right? Take good care of him.

Rem : Ram is my older sister's name. Rem's name is Rem, Al-sama.

(Al suddenly stops.)

Al : Rem?

Al : Don't talk nonsense. You're Ram, right?

Rem : It's Rem. Excuse me, but where have you met my sister, Al-sama?

Al : What the...

Al : Miss is Rem, older sister is Ram.

Rem : That's right.

Al : Sorry for asking this, is that older sister still alive?

Rem : I don't know why you're asking, but of course she's alive.

(Subaru suddenly feels pressure from Al.)

Al : -Don't f*** with me.

(Rem stops using healing magic and on her guard)

Al : Relax. I won't do anything.

Al : I'm sorry, but could you quickly leave? You might have realized, I'm not in a good mood either.

Rem : Okay. Please give Priscilla our thanks for her time.

(Subaru and Rem leave.)

Al : F***, that's how it is. It feels disgusting.

Just how much does Al know about this world? He seems to be implying that Ram should be dead? Could Al have the same powers as Subaru? Not even the light novel readers truly know what this all means, so it's anybody's guess.


3. The World of Re:Zero is Flat

Interestingly, Priscilla knows this despite not knowing what an Appa looks like. Characters such as Subaru and Al are considered to have come from beyond the edge, so maybe the real world exists somewhere past the edge?


4. Subaru Tries to Kill Crusch With a Spoon

When Crusch, one of the royal candidates, refuses to aid Subaru in killing the Witch's Cult in Episode 16, he walks up to her menacingly only to be stopped by Wilhelm.

Subaru is actually supposed to threaten the kill Crusch with a spoon. Why is this important? Because without this detail, why would anyone want to buy the Re:Zero officially licensed spoon?


5. There is an Alternate Universe Where Rem and Subaru Have Children

Rem is obviously the best girl. And because it's an anime, the best girl will never win. But the author created an alternate universe where Subaru runs off with Rem and has a family with her. To be honest, it's what I would do.


6. Characters in Re:Zero Have Official Abilities and Stats

Strangely enough, characters in the anime are supposed to have RPG-style skills. Check out the very overpowered Reinhart for example. He has some abilities you would never expect.

Sword Saint: Swordsmanship maxes out, and become able to draw Raid, the Dragon Sword.

Arrow Avoidance: He cannot be hit by projectiles (this is why sword that Elsa threw went around him on its own)

Arrow Guarantee: Any projectile he uses is guaranteed to hit the target

Magic Resistance: No curses, debuffs, or buffs can affect him

Fire Avoidance: 80% reduction from fire damage

Wind Absorption: 80% of wind magic is absorbed

Earth Resistance: Earth magic have 80% reduced effect on him

Water Reflection: 80% water magic is reflected

Darkness Immunity: 80% of darkness magic is nullified

Light Sharing: 80% light magic is shared to another target

Swiftness: He can move at superhuman speed. This affects mounts as well

Riding Mastery: He can ride any animals

Initiative: He cannot be ambushed and all initial attacks from Reinhardt connects

First Attack Immunity: The first time an attack is performed at Reinhardt, it always misses

Preceding Attack Immunity: The second attack and all following attacks miss him

Rain Blessing: He gains power in rain

Sun Blessing: He gains power in sunny weather

Night's Blessing: He gains power during night

Morning Blessing: He gains power during morning

Mind Reading: Vague understanding of what's on other people's mind

Item Mastery: Able to know how to use any item he holds

Unarmed Mastery: Very strong even without any weapons

Blessing of War God: Able to use any weapons masterfully

Blessing of Lake: Can walk on water

Blessing of Mist: Mist does not hinder his view

Blessing of Cloud: Can walk on clouds

Blessing of Lightning: Lightning will never strike him

Sodium Knowledge: He will never get salt and sugar mixed up

Taste King: No matter how he cooks, the food will come out delicious

Blessing of Frying, Steaming, Boiling = Complete mastery of all the cooking methods

Clothes Designing: Can design fabulous clothes that will surely start a fad

Master Teacher: His students become successful in learning

Training Mastery: Can train not only his body but also other people to their maximum potential

Poison Immunity: Immune to all poison

Illness Immunity: Immune to all sickness and disease

Power Bleeding: Bleeding actually makes him stronger

Blessing of the Phoenix: Upon death, he is granted a "continue?" once

So what does this mean? Was Subaru's initial instinct correct? Is he in a game after all? That might explain his "save point" skill.


7. The Ending Theme for Episode 16 Is Special

White Fox is really putting a lot of style and detail behind their second half of Re:Zero. Episode 16's ending is important because it shows Emilia's life after her fight and abandonment of Subaru. This was confirmed by the creator of Re:Zero through Twitter.

She seems very depressed. If only she knew what was going to happen to her. Let's hope Subaru can end this cycle soon.

All of these crucial details not shown in the anime raise even more questions about the show. I have a couple of theories about it, but what about you? Do you have any interesting theories? Did any of these change how you looked at Re:Zero? Let me know in the comments!

Milo is a guy who gave up everything he ever loved to watch anime. Once a promising young lad, he now spends his time cosplaying at conventions and frequenting karaoke bars before regressing into hermit mode.

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