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Miku Day Is Everyday With These 10 Adorable Illustrations

Miku Day has, unfortunately, already come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the celebration needs to end!

The world renowned digital idol has inspired millions, been a part of countless songs, dances, concerts, and even video games! With all of this popularity one day just doesn’t seem like quite enough to appreciate the many wonderful, crazy, cute, and fun sides Miku has.

If you need an extra dose of Miku in your day, here is some amazing fanart to keep the Miku Day spirit alive.


1. ミクの日!! by まかだみぁ



2. GRAFFITI by infukun



3. アリアドネ by 月岡月穂


4. miku by なのかせんそ


5. (本)恋色旋律❤ 初音小日常 by 千夜QY3S


6. 初音ミク by Mx2j


7. ✨39✨ by 駒鳥うい


8. ミクの日 by ろく


9. WAR by Lucarios


10. ベリル by 黎(クロイ)



And, just for good measure, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Miku songs!






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