LINE Webtoon Horror Short Stories Part 1

Line Webtoons the official Naver site for webtoons and artist of all countries you can read them in different languages, this site is available in 5 countries with their own comics and official webtoons.

This list shows only show horror stories, 2nd part will consist of horror webtoon series.


  • SHRIEK  (2016) – Various artist

    Status: Completed

    Some of the stories contain sound effects which give a better thrilling experience with 17 stories, like every year, Korean Webtoon artists release a horror anthology.



    Status: Completed

    An app exclusive horror anthology with 3 stories, before reading you have to download Line webtoon app, read it on your mobile phone and allow the camera access so you can have full access to the augmented reality and you can see the ghost as if they were in front of you.


    Status: Completed

    2015 horror anthology included 38 different stories and styles, we also see the work of renown webtoon artist, all the stories has sound effects.






    Status: Completed 

    A collection of short stories dealing with unexpected encounters with spirits behind you is not the scariest one, it doesn’t have sound effects.



  • FRIDAY:  Forbidden Tales 

    Status: Completed

    Psychological horror stories which deal more with the human nature than a ghost or evil spirits, with a lot of twists and unusual things.



    Status: Ongoing

    With 166 chapters is not a finished webtoon yet, tales with strange and unusual supernatural situations, all the stories are done by the same author, if you like different things you should definitely read it, it creates a creepy and a really imaginative atmosphere such as an elevator that resets your life until the moment you were born, a magical box  that returns cash for the value of what you have put inside and many other twisted stories.


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