Japanese School Blasted for Buying Lewd Novels for Students

It’s normal for schools to set aside some funds in order to provide some entertainment for students. But one Osaka junior high school is under fire providing “obscene and lascivious” light novels for their youngsters.

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love

The students requested that their school stocks some light novels, and the teacher that runs the library agreed. She chose several popular titles at random, got approval from the school board, and put in an order for 17 light novels. It cost the school 11,000 yen ($99).

There was one major problem though…no one knew exactly what they ordering. The school ended up order ecchi light novel series Eromanga-senseiNetoge: And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?, and A Sexy Maid Arrived for Me, a Loser at Love (Renai Makegumi no Boku ni, H na Maid ga Todokimashita).

Naturally, the school’s board were surprised by the “obscene” light novel covers and refused to give the works to their students. The issue was that they ended up using funds on light novels no one bothered to research before placing the order.

Light Novels
From left to right: “Eromanga-sensei,” “Netoge,” and “Maid ga Todokimashita.”

During the city council’s investigation (since tax money was used to buy ecchi), a councilman said, “It isn’t good at all for students to put books that depict females as sexual objects in a library.” The city’s board of education also stated, “forethought was needed” before the order was placed.

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