Grape-kun the Otaku Penguin Has Passed Away

Tobu Zoo, the home of Grape-kun and Hululu shared some tragic news: Grape-kun has passed away. Grape-kun was 21 years old.

“Grape-kun the Humboldt penguin passed away yesterday. We would like to thank everyone for supporting him. And Hululu, thank you for watching over him to the very end. And Grape-kun, thank you for a long time together. Rest in peace in Heaven.”


Zookeepers were planning on throwing a “Fall Grape Festival” on November 11th and November 25th so visitors can celebrate Grape-kun and his love for Hululu. Tobu Zoo hasn’t stated if they will have new plans on those dates.

Two days ago, Grape-kun and Hululu were removed from the penguin pen after his zookeepers found him in poor health.

Grape-kun gained international attention for displaying his love towards a cardboard cutout of Kemono Friends character Hululu. The cutout was displayed in Tobu Zoo’s penguin pen as part of a Kemono Friends collaboration event in April 2017.


Hululu’s cutout became a permanent fixture at Tobu Zoo after legions of fans, including Hululu’s voice actress, expressed their love for Grape-kun’s cute displays affection. The pair were briefly separated during a typhoon, but Tobu Zoo reassured fan’s that they were together during Grape-kun’s final moments.

Fans have been sharing their condolences and thanking Grape-kun for giving them happy memories:


Grape-kun and Hululu brought joy to many people this past year. What are your favorite memories of them?

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