elDLIVE Is Like a Cute Shounen Version of Men in Black

Take the premise of Men in Black.



Give it to the creator of Hitman Reborn.

Yes, that TV news report is totally a shout out to Hitman.



Add a cute alien and you have the basic premise to élDLIVE.



Studio Pierrot (yes, really) is adapting Akira Amano's latest manga. Most fans will know her for Hitman Reborn! and for designing the cast for Psycho-Pass

The basic premise follows Chuuta, a young boy who is always talking to himself. However, he houses a powerful being, which gets the attention of the élDLIVE space patrol.

The space patrol is made up of various alien species, and much like the Men in Black movie series, they defend the universe from alien criminals. But it's cute.


Bright and Colorful


élDLIVE really pops from an art direction standpoint. The color pallete is really bright, and Studio Pierrot uses a wide range of colors for the characters and scenery. 

Amano's alien designs are pretty varied and aren't all just exotically colored humans.

Other than that, it's the usual Amano human designs and action sequences. If you loved the look of HItman Reborn or Psycho-Pass, you'll love how élDLIVE looks.


A Shaky Start


The biggest problem with élDLIVE's premier is that nothing exciting or interesting really happens. We largely stick with Chuuta and the voice in his head, but they don't really do anything to pull people in.

Things do get more interesting when the élDLIVE patrol shows up, but a lot of people might drop the episode before they get to that point.

The first episode is also punctuated by a watercolor, washed out look (that mirrors the first colored manga chapter of élDLIVE) and has epic music cutting in on comedy moments. Mixed messages from clashing visual, plot, and music elements make it hard to really embrace the story movement.


Manga Fans Promise it Will Get Better


Amano is known for taking her time to setup up the worlds of her stories. Even Hitman Reborn! took several episodes before it got really interesting.

That said, élDLIVE won't take as long as Hitman Reborn! to get into the swing of things. Despite the "childish" look of the show, élDLIVE will pull out some dark and emotional twists, provided Studio Pierrot does a good job adapting the manga and doesn't pull another adaptation like Tokyo Ghoul.

Fans might want to follow the three-episode rule for élDLIVE, but it has potential to be an interesting anime.

Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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