“Death Note” Director Quits Twitter After Death Threats

It has not been a kind summer to movie director Adam Wingard. After his version of Death Note received bad critical reviews (it has a 38% on Rottentomatoes), Wingard decided to leave Twitter after trying to fire back at hateful fans.

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Wingard has been receiving hateful messages from anime and manga fans ever since it was announced that he was adapting Death Note into a movie. However, it wasn’t the poor critical reception that upset Wingard, but the general nastiness of original Death Note fans.

Reportedly, he tweeted out, “Film criticism is different than bitching at filmmakers on twitter,” and was engaging with individuals he labeled as trolls. Eventually, things spiraled out of control and Wingard allegedly received a wave of death threats, which prompted him to delete his Twitter account.

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It’s understandable that fans can get upset over a poor adaptation of their favorite series, but sending death threats is always unacceptable, even if Wingard was being combative. And like Wingard said, films criticism and insults are different things.

No one wins when death threats are thrown around, and it has the unfortunate effect of making Death Note fans (and the community in general) look toxic to outsiders. There is nothing wrong with voicing your displeasure with a terrible adaptation, just be civil about it.

Death Note

After all, it’s just a movie. The anime and manga versions aren’t going anywhere.

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