The official Dagashi Kashi website has introduced the new main staff, new character designs, and a new trailer for the anime’s second season.

Dagashi Kashi

Fans of season one can rest easy because the main voice cast will reprise their roles! Here are the new character designs:

Ayana Taketatsu (Suguha Kirigaya in Sword Art Online) as Hotaru ShidareDagashi Kashi


Atsushi Abe (Toma Kamjiou in A Certain Magical Index) as Kokonotsu ShikadaDagashi Kashi


Manami Numakura (Rio Nakamura in Assassination Classroom) as Saya EndouDagashi Kashi


Tasuhisa Suzuki (Makoto Tachibana in Free!) as Tou EndouDagashi Kashi


New character Hajime Owari has not been cast, but her design was shared.Dagashi Kashi


The anime’s new main production staff include:Dagashi Kashi

  • Director: Satoshi Kuwabara (Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions)
  • Script Composition: Mayumi Morita (Black Jack Final)
  • Character Design: Nana Miura (Young Black Jack)
  • Scripts: Michiko Yokote (Dagashi Kashi season 1)
  • Chief Animation Director: Akemi Kobayashi (Love Live! School Idol Project)
  • Director of Photography: Junya Kodama (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
  • Music: Tomohata Ohsumi (Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun) / Nobuaki Nobusawa (Dagashi Kashi season 1)
  • Art Setting: Minoru Nishida (And Yet the Town Moves) / Mariko Iwashiro (Ebiten: Ebisugawa Public High School’s Tenmonbu)
  • Art Director: Masato Shibata (Young Black Jack)
  • Color Design: Yumi Aburatani (Corpse Princess: Aka)
  • Editing: Tamami Watabe (Samurai Warriors)
  • Animation Studio: Tezuka Productions
  • Setting Cooperation: feel.

Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi follows the life of Kokonotsu and his pursuit of becoming a manga artist. However, he is a terrible artist and only knows about snacks. Kokonotsu never thought about running his father’s shop until the eccentric Hotaru showed up. Hotaru is the heiress to a snack conglomerate and she believes Kokonotsu possesses incredible talent.

Season two will premiere in 2018.

I grew up traveling around the world with my parents who practice and teach medicine. We spent 6 years in South Asia, including Japan, and my anime obsession began there. Sports, horror, and Seinen are my favorite genres. Favorite quote: "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." by William James
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