Everyone wants to be cool in life but only a select few actually achieve it. And then there’s one legendary man who is the living incarnation of cool: Sakamoto-san.

Sakamoto-san anime

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is filled with little gems that teach you how to achieve the perfect cool that Sakamoto exudes.

Learn to ask people for their honest opinion.

Observe the world around you and then predict what will happen.

Never skip leg day and practice those squats.

Sakamoto-san squatting on chair

Have a stylish fashion piece that people can remember you by, like black rimmed glasses.

Sakamoto-san black glasses

Have compassion for others.

Practice good hygiene.

Sakamoto-san in washer machine

Study hard.

Sakamoto-san studying

Learn basic life skills like cooking.

Sakamoto-san cooking like a boss

Keep your desk as clean as your heart.

Sakamoto-san cleaning it's desk

Have a schedule and stick to it, from studying to working out to making friends with the birds.

Sakamoto-san with umbrella and bird

And never forget to pamper yourself after a long day.

Sakamoto-san relaxing in the pool

You can embrace the cool with Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto every Saturday morning on Anime Network Online.

Lana Kim
I fell in love with anime when I first watched Mobile Suit Gundam then I discovered the world asian animation which has consumed all my free time since. I’m a liberal arts major that somehow got sucked into the publishing world and am happy to moonlight at GoBoiano where I can talk about people, shows, and projects I like.
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