Zipcy’s ‘TOUCH’ Illustrations Showcase the Ideal Sensual Romance

Warm embraces, loving gazes, and delicate touches populate the sensual illustrations by Zipcy.


The South Korean peppers her ‘TOUCH’ line of illustrations with moments inspired by her own relationship with her husband.


Zipcy succeeds in translating the intimate stage of love and recreates the feeling of touching in her softly-lit illustrations.

사랑받는것이 이렇게도 따듯했던가- 싶은 순간이 있다. 얼굴을 더 보고 싶다며 조심스레 귀 뒤로 머리카락을 넘겨주던 그 손 끝이 참 다정할 때, 나를 바라보는 눈빛이 한없이 달콤할 때_ 그런 사소한 손짓과 눈빛만으로도, 마치 미온수에 몸을 담근 듯이 따듯했던 순간들이. [닿음] 포스터 증정 이벤트 : —- There comes a time when you wonder, was the feeling of love always this warm? Like that moment when you whispered, “I want to see more of your face,” and tucked my hair gently behind my ear; or that moment when your gaze felt ever so sweet. Moments of little gestures and brief glances bathed me in a glow—so warm and soothing. #zipcy #touch #zipcy_touch #일러스트레이터집시 #집시일러스트 #집시 #닿음

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And some of the illustrations can be slightly erotic, because who doesn’t like being a little risque with their love?


Once you’re done gawking at these samples, you can see more sensual illustrations from Zipcy on Instagram and Grafolio.





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