‘Young Again in Another World’ Anime at Risk Due to Creator’s Bigoted Tweets

The last three weeks have been bumpy for MINE and his [New Life+] Young Again in Another World. Everything was joyous after Hobby Japan announced that his popular isekai light novel was getting an anime, but a serious controversy is hanging over the project.

[New Life+] Young Again in Another World

In the weeks after the reveal, MINE has been under fire sharing anti-Chinese and anti-Korean sentiments on Twitter. Between 2013 through 2015, MINE shared controversial views and referred to the nations as “bug countries.” He also shared discriminatory opinions towards Chinese and Korean immigrants.

MINE has since deleted the Tweets and apologized for Tweeting “without accurately understanding all the facts.” He adds that he doesn’t expect everyone to forgive his past bigoted views, but he felt a heartfelt apology was necessary. His Twitter account will be deleted once his apology has been circulated.

Adding fuel to the fire is that MINE’s views seeped into his writing. His protagonist, Renya Kunugi, is noted to have fought in a “world war” and killed more than 3,000 enemies with a katana and an additional 2,000 people after the war. Readers believe that this is a reference to the Second Sino-Japanese War between China and Japan. MINE did Tweet about the Nanking Massacre, which was a Japanese war committed during this time that led to at least 50,000 thousand civilian deaths. During the massacre, two Japanese soldiers had a contest to kill 100 people with a katana.

In a separate apology, MINE acknowledged the “poor writing” in the past volumes were the references were made. As a result, he will no longer offer the novels on Shousetuka ni Narou and he plans to speak with Hobby Japan about changing the print versions of the novels.

Young Again in Another World

All of the anime’s voice actors resigned from the project shortly after MINE’s apology. The anime’s production committee also made the official website inaccessible to visitors outside of Japan. It hasn’t been decided if they will continue with the anime adaptation or to cancel it.

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