You Can Own ‘K-On!’ Member Azusa Nakano for 2.2 Million Yen

Anime merchandise can get a bit extreme at times – remember the 2 million yen ($17,000) life-size statue of Saekano‘s Megumi Sato?

Not to be outdone, Animaru recently opened pre-orders for a life-sized statue of K-On! member Azusa Nakano. The statue features an “Azu-nyan button” that plays the voice of Ayana Taketatsu calling the purchaser’s name. You’ll also receive Taketatu’s autograph.

Oh, and Azusa will set you back 2.2 million yen ($19,640). The statue stands at 150 cm (4-foot, 9-inches) and weighs 25 kg (55 pounds).

Azusa Nakano (K-On!)

But don’t get too jumpy, because only 22 Azusas are being made and purchasers will be chosen by a lottery. Pre-orders are open through December 18th and the winners will be announced on December 25th.

Majored in Music @Duke, but realized that being a Jazz singer wasn't a real job. Now I spend my days watching anime and writing about the music industry. Glad to be in the new round of GB hires. Look forward to my coverage.
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