You Can Help House Young Animators in New Crowdfunding Campaign

We know the struggles many young animators face when they join the anime industry. Low pay and long work hours can take their toll, leading to 80% of animators leaving their dream job within three years.


It’s tough, and fans are always looking for new ways to support the animators that breath life into their favorite series. Thanks to a special crowdfunding event, fans can help house young animators!

The Animator Services Organization has been providing temporary low-cost housing for animators that have been working for three years or less. They currently have a four-person dorm in Asagaya, a two-person dorm in Ogikubo, and a two-person women’s dorm in Suginami. They are planning on opening another women’s dorm next month. Each dorm has a 30,000 yen ($290) monthly rent rate, which includes utilities.

The non-profit group is hoping to open their fourth dormitory and are looking to raise 2 million yen ($18,220) in 85 days.

The Animator Services Organization has raised 10.6 million ($96,460) since 2010 for the building and upkeep of the dorms. 25 different animators have been housed in the dorm and 11 new animators will be moving in this March.

Anime Dorms

International fans can chip in, and receive an art book and other rewards from the animators living in the dorms.

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