Yandere Dev, sole creator of Yandere Simulator, is finally getting some help in developing the game.

In a video released on March 1st, Yandere Dev explains that one of the solutions he was considering to solve the problem of slow development was to enlist the help of a company. This is when he announced that he was approached by indie game developer and publisher tinyBuild Games, to help with the project. tinyBuild is the creator of the now popular thriller game, Hello Neighbor!.

tinyBuild offered to help Yandere Dev after he posted a video about the difficulties of developing the game on his own. The company proposed putting together a team of developers to help with the game while Yandere Dev remains as the creative director and lead designer.

Yandere Dev and tinyBuild are now officially partners for Yandere Simulator, with the former retaining creative control and ownership of the intellectual property. Also, according to their agreement, the game cannot have content that will give in an “Adult Only” rating.

According to Yandere Dev, tinyBuild will invest some money on the game to begin the development, while the rest will come from either a paid Alpha version or through crowdfunding.

Are you excited to see a well-known indie developer help out Yandere Dev finish the game?

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