Yakuza Men Become Female Idols in ‘Back Street Girls’ Anime

Could yakuza members serve as great idol performers? We’ll find out in the anime adaptation of Back Street Girls.

Back Street Girls

Jasmine Gyuh’s crime-comedy-idol series follows three yakuza men who have failed their boss for the last time. They are given a choice: commit seppuku or undergo a sex change to become female idols. After a year of grueling training and medical procedures, the trio is ready to make their debut! But, what if they become too popular?

Back Street Girls is filled with black comedy as the three former-yakuza men come to terms with transitioning into trans-women. Despite performing in a back-alley theater, the trio kind of like being idols – to their machismo disgust. For anyone that is confused, the comedy style is similar to Prison School, but with idols.

Back Street Girls

More details about the adaptation will be revealed at a later date.

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