Why 2017 Has Already Been a Horrible Year for Anime

I don’t know how honest I can be with Goboiano’s new moderated free-posting system but I’ll just be honest and risk getting banned.




Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell Was Racist and Bombed

It seemed like regular white-washing and then it became weird racist when (SPOILER-ISH HERE) the movie twist is basically relating to race (whyyyyy) and an awkward hugging one-liner. The movie also flopped and didn’t even make back it’s budget.


Netflix is Adapting Death Note and Making Light a Punk

The entire point was Light/Kira/Douche-face was crazy AF but didn’t show it and looked perfect on the outside. He was 100% accepted by society, which is why it was so wild when he decided to become God. He had a mega God-complex that a skater/hacker/punk wouldn’t have. (Still going to watch it because Jesus that teaser music is killer)


The Animator Shortage Crisis

Because they’re all living in poverty. Who wants to live in poverty? Nobody that’s who. Now anime might shrink because there’s no one to make it. And don’t everyone in the comments say “I’LL BE AN ANIMATOR” because you know you won’t learn Japanese and work for 16 hours a day for poverty wages.


Anime Committee System is About to Cause a “Slave Revolt”

“Sooner or later, a slave revolt will come,” and “Only 1 out of every 10 people who enter the industry remain.” – Director quote from this article

When Directors are saying that, shit is about to go down, I think we should all be worried.


No One Watched Japan’s Favorite Anime This Year

Kemono Friends. Do you even know what that show is and when it aired? Yeah, me either.


Fansubs Have Shrunk

Seriously where have all the crazy fansub groups gone? The manga translators are still going strong but it’s getting harder to find shows that aren’t picked up by the legal options.


Attack on Titan Only Has 12 New Episodes After YEARS

Seriously, wtf? Wasn’t this one of the most successful modern anime???

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