Who Are You in a Spring Break Harem Episode?

Spring Break! It’s a wonderful time where students and college kids get a reprieve from their studies to visit gorgeous beaches, swanky resorts, and experience one-night stands. (or just stay in their dorm room all week playing games)

But you know what would make Spring Break better? If you were a harem lead. Just imagine all of the possibilities! But not everyone is cut out to do the stride of pride as the harem leader – are you the harem hero type or more likely to just be a side character?


Alex Jaxon
I've been hooked on sci-fi, gaming, and anime ever since watching Trigun, Outlaw Star, and playing Final Fantasy. I love exploring shows and subjects that have been passed over. Pro-VR, pro-lewd, pro-indie gaming, and anti-censorship. I take about 4 major trips a year to other countries and love to visit the local fan conventions (sci-fi, anime, games, VR) when I can.
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