Before anything, our team wants to thank you all for your continuous support over the past few years. All of our success is because of you.


What’s New?

Things are looking a little different today around Goboiano. Very different. Like upgrading from 240p to 1080p different.

We have watched our small community grow from a few hundred to a few thousand to a few million people around the world. Internally we’ve always believe the anime community is more than just the shows we all watch. It’s about the culture that we’ve all helped shape from viral memes, epic cosplay, the future of VR, and has lead even some of the top rappers of 2016 to work anime into their songs in a big way.

13 million views and climbing

With the beta launch of Goboiano 2.0 we want to showcase this culture, highlight the best of the community and allow anyone to have their voice heard or champion an undiscovered project. You can now make a profile, submit posts, and discover content from around the world. Our team will also be on the lookout for community mods to help with managing submissions and comments across Goboiano.

We’ll be launching new features, improving, and reshaping this beta site based upon the feedback we get. As always, we only make what fans ask for so message us your thoughts and how you think we can better celebrate anime culture.

The Future

To us, anime isn’t only about Japanese animation, but a cultural movement that is influencing everything from mainstream television to music and even the fashion industry. We want to better showcase this to the world as the global microphone for anime culture worldwide.

To start with we launched the first Anime X Music project called GBX. GBX is our music festival component that mixes anime with electronic dance music and a visual performances. In October 2016, we brought out top performers such as TeddyLoid (Panty & Stocking, ME!ME!ME!) and Taku Takahashi (m-flo, Space Dandy) to put on an insane performance.

You can expect us to continue growing this music festival with exciting plans and partnerships slated for GBX 2017.

Overall, there’s a lot happening in 2017. Some stuff we can’t mention just yet, but we hope to share news as soon as we can with the community.

Before getting started, check out our FAQ, content policy, and posting guide to have a smoother onboarding experience. We expect a lot of bugs popping up so definitely make sure to let us know if you find any. Thanks for being one of the best communities on the planet and for the continued support.

You can expect us to continue growing this project with exciting plans and partnerships slated for GBX 2017. Stay tuned for those announcements.

I started GoBoiano a few years back in my dorm. Now we're one of the fastest growing anime sites in the world. And this is just the beginning of our conquest. Hope you enjoy the ride and stay tuned for all our anime projects!
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  1. new member here been checking out this site for like a week and came back today to see an awesome site overhaul so i figured i make an account just to be able to post how my much i like the site lol


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