‘Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’ Producer Hints at Sequel Plans

More horse girls will be arriving if Uma Musume: Pretty Derby producer Jun’nosuke Ito has any say in the matter.

Uma Musume

In an interview with Bunka Tsuushen, Ito was asked if a second season was being planned. He responded, “If it gets popular, we feel like we’d want to return for a new series.”

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is tracking to become spring’s top-selling anime on Oricon and Amazon pre-orders, in part to some clever marketing by Cygames. The company is bundling exclusive Granblue Fantasy game codes with new copies Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Blu-rays and DVDs, which has driven up sales numbers.

Ito later added that he’d like to wait for the release of the Uma Musume smartphone game and “other developments” before a decision is made. He also commented that since horse racing is an all-year event, he’d like the opportunity to design girls based on newer horses.

Uma Musume

P.A. Works animated the current Uma Musume: Pretty Derby anime, which has 13 episodes. The series follows Special Week, a horse-girl who dreams of making it big in Japan as a racing idol. Special Week makes friends and rivals during her time at an academy in Tokyo as other horse-girls compete for glory.

SOURCEBunka Tsuushin
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