‘Ultraman’ Manga Put on 2-Month Hiatus Due to Artist’s Health

Fans looking to get their Ultraman manga fix will have to wait a while as it’s going on a two-month hiatus.

Artist Tomohiro Shimoguchi is recovering from an undisclosed health issue, which has forced the manga to take a break. The official announcement reassured fans that Shimoguchi is making positive progress and needs time to ease back into the workflow. Which is understandable since Shimoguchi’s art is highly detailed!

The hiatus will also affect the manga’s 12th volume release — which will ship on March 5th instead of February 5th. This is so it will include the delayed chapter, which is set to be published on April 1 unless Shimoguchi faces a setback.


The Ultraman manga has been a big hit in Japan, in no short part that it’s an official sequel to the classic 1966 show. It follows Shinjiro, the son of the original hero Shin Hayata, as he comes to terms with being the new Ultraman as is tasked with stopping an alien invasion.

Oh, and it’s getting a Netflix anime adaptation from Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts. The anime is utilizing motion-capture for the CGI animation, which is not commonly used in the industry — meaning it should be smooth as opposed to the jerky movements many anime fans are accustomed to.

The Ultraman anime will also debut on April 1 and Netflix won’t be holding it hostage. Everyone will be able to binge watch it since it’s a global release.

SOURCE'Ultraman' Official Website
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